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Doubt with rating's client

I just completed my 1st order but I don’t see the rating from the buyer and Fiverr ask me to rate the buyer so I can “view the buyer’s review” (after I leave my feedback). ¿Does it include rating? I mean, if I rate the client, the client’s rating appear in my profile? and can I change my opinion after I see the rating I received?

pd: this rating system is so unfair since you never know how to rate. You think that a 5 star rating could be too innocent since there are some unfair clients but it’s so annoying when you’re not as nice to the buyer as he/she was to you and can’t even change it.

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Yes and? Why do you want to know your rating first? Rate your buyer and then you will see your rating. If you don’t rate it, you’ll see your rating after 10 days and won’t be able to rate it.

So = no matter


Ok, thanks.
About your question, it’s easy. As in any relationship the feedback is important and you may have a client that isn’t excellent in terms of clarity of ideas, response time, etc but he/she may leave you a 5 star rating and/or nice comments and you want to take that into consideration to upgrade his/her rating, on the opposite side if the client is ungrateful you probably want to downvote the rating. As in any aspect of life a huge part of your opinion about someone (in this case a client) depends on its kindness 'cause I don’t want to recommend other sellers to work with people that aren’t fair in their ratings.

This is how Fiverr’s rating system works. The buyer may - or may not - leave a review, outlining their experience as a buyer with you and assigning a number of stars to reflect it.

If they had a good experience, they generally leave a 5* review - but don’t bank on it. I’ve occasionally been left 4* reviews even though the narrative was enthusiastic.

If they had a meh experience, they generally don’t leave a review.

If they had a rubbish experience, they will often - but not always - leave a review.

If they’re new, they may not notice, or understand the importance of, the need for a review.

Or they may not want others to know they needed help … so don’t leave a review.

You can only leave a review if the buyer does. And even then, you won’t see their review first. Fiverr’s logic for this is that they want the reviews to be honest, not responsive.

If you don’t like the review they left (once you can see it!), you can respond to it, explaining your side of what happened.

Fiverr appears to think this method works for them, so they seem to be keeping it.


I understood how it works but is unfair and vague since the kindness of the other person is a very important part in any working relationship. I’d recommend work with a demanding client if at least he/she give you a 5 star review after your hard work and clearly I wouldn’t if he/she is ungrateful. Therefore your rating is kind of random, can’t help much to other sellers and sometimes doesn’t make justice (in one way or the other).

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An honest rating is never random. It’s honest. And if you work with a difficult client, you should say so - politely, obvs …

You might feel you are entitled for that and for a different person it’s a different feeling. Look on that from the other prospective, from a prospective of difficult buyer. Most difficult buyer don’t even realise that they are difficult, they just want things done their way and it annoys them that you can’t follow their direction (no matter if it’s vague or not) and you at the same time thinking that you should be rewarded for being patient with such a client.
Obviously this client wouldn’t feel like leaving you a great review if they felt that they had to argue with you.

It usually goes both ways: if you think that the client is difficult then the client also thinks that you are a difficult seller. So why would leave a great 5 star review for you? Huh? Be happy that they didn’t leave a review at all instead of a bad one

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Rating is so crucial in Fiverr. But you are right, some new buyer don’t know the impact of rating in that case seller suffer more.


It can help other sellers if you explain what went on and why you gave such rating. I agree, though, that a 3 star rating stating “Satisfactory” doesn’t help, because there’s no way to know why you gave it and what the buyer did to make you feel that way.

Good idea…
Thanks a lot :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I’m not the kind of egocentric person that thinks that deserves a 5 star rating in any case (it doesn’t mean that I don’t know when I have done a fine, detailed and on time work). In fact my experience (and the reason why I’m “complaining”) is the opposite, I received a 5 star rating in my first (and only) work until now and because of some communication problems I didn’t give the client 5 stars which I’d like to considering the nice feedback this person gave me which obviously I didn’t know at that time.