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Doubts about Avoiding being exploited


Hello everyone, I want to ask you something, it turns out that I have been working with a client for a long time, on several gigs, but every time he is sending me more work and I ask him about the projects, and he does not usually give me any information.

He told me that they are for personal projects and for his reel, but every time he is becoming very demanding and I feel that he is taking advantage of me. What dou you recommend??


In what way is he taking advantage of you? Can you be more specific about what he is doing?

You could always say no to his demands if they are not included in your gig description or what was agreed to when he ordered.


good only as long as you are also taking advantage… :slight_smile:


Well the issue is that as time went by I was required to do more complicated jobs in less time and at the same price by the way.

Now I comment on the changes I am making with the orders and it seems that he does hoy agree.


You must always be the one in control, not him.

It must always be what YOU want to do, and the price YOU want to do it at.

Never let a buyer demand things, or tell you what you MUST do.

YOU are the one to tell HIM what you will do and the price you will do it at. If he doesn’t like it too bad, he can find someone else.


Yes, you’re right, I’ve been forced to make changes in my services and I really need to manage my time, I do not want to be exploited because I feel like I’m doing it.

By the way, if the user becomes aggressive, will it be good to report it?


In what way is he aggressive? Please be more specific.

You are saying the words exploited and aggressive without saying in what way these things are happening so I can’t tell what you mean.

It sounds to me like you should stop all business with this person and tell him to find another seller.


Check the terms of service. If you think what he is saying is against the terms of service, you can report it.
eg. “Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages sent to users” and “We do not tolerate users who engage in targeted abuse or harassment towards other users on Fiverr” etc.

Also, in your gig/gig packages you could detail what is and isn’t included in detail, eg. put limits on the packages. Maybe create another gig for the more complex/time consuming stuff.


Well I’ve been writing and asked and he hesitated or was not clear. Then I told him that I had to make changes and in that the guy tells me that “that sucks.”

Well I’m telling him to look for another client, I do not even qualify the previous jobs, I do not feel like working with him.