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Down But Not Out - Thank You Fiverr

Knowing where to start or even how. being terminated from my full time job due to reorganizing is a hell of a blow, well that was their story anyway so who am i to argue. I have been battling cardio vascular disease with 12 stents in place for the last 6 months, I require more procedures in the near future. Having my gig on fiverr as helped to keep me sane, putting the money towards my medical bills has been a huge help. Although i’m in and out of hospital quite often just sliding my gig into vacation mode has been awesome introduction from fiverr.

I also wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart too everyone who has ordered my gig, bless you all Thank you.

I wish you luck and am glad Fiverr is such a comfort for you. Keep looking at the buyer requests and contacting people this will help get your name out and more work for you

Tarnia x