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Down Fiverr Gig

I’m Chondona . Last 3 month, i face one problem

My gig down always. But i’m online 24 hour and and 10 buyer request sent all time . But Don’t improved my Gig impression and click.
I did not get order.
Please , Help me and suggest me . How improved my gig rank

My Fiverr Gig Link :

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Please see:

How are you online 24-hours?

Do you use an auto refresh extension?

Oh, right.

That’s against Fiverr’s ToS and would earn you a warning.

You probably know that already.

As per recent Fiverr CS reply it is OK to use auto refresher.
They replied on official twitter of Fiverr CS it is OK to use refresher. I asked them two times are they sure and they said yes.

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Actually, I have team and we are share time and 24 hour active. But i don’t understood that why my impression down.
Please give me solution.

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