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Down my gig view /emprisen

After Fiverr platform update my all gigs view/click /IMPRESSIONS down. Now what I can do this? Before Fiverr platform update My gigs vie/click/ IMPRESSIONS is good. Somebody told me After Fiverr platform updates them gigs view/click / IMPRESSIONS automatically up.

Same issue! I don’t have idea what is doing fiverr team!!

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This seems like a common theme on the forum in the past year. The worrying thing is Fiverr does not communicate openly, hides behind canned messages, blaming our gigs are not as good. Well, if it was good and growing for years, and suddenly everyone reports a decrease, what is the logical conclusion?

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Main reason!


This sounds like a canned response to me.
WE are helping you dear sellers!
WE are good to you, to show the best gigs!
WE have no idea why all of you report decreases.

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do you edit your gigs?

No i didn’t edit my gig.