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Down my order Completion Rate without any fault

Today’s morning I get a direct order from a new buyer. He/She brought my basic package but when I checked his requirement, I saw he/she has demanded premium service, I told the buyer please check out the gig packages again because your demand matches with the gig’s premium package.

10 minutes later He/she wants to refund and has no more budget.
So there is no way as a seller.
Order mutually cancel
The buyer got the full refund but I got the morning bamboo
“Down my order Completion Rate without any fault”

I think,
Every Fiverr seller feels an option here if any order is canceled by mutually, No demotion apply on here.


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Hundred of seller face such issue daily. Please put a line in your gig saying “message us and clear your doubt before ordering gig” if you want ti prevent your earning from hurt.

No matter what, some buyers will go blind and order without any prior contact!