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Downfall in selling!


Hello Everyone the seniors, juniors and support community.

I have joined FIVERR on December, 2017. In the beginning I was not achieving orders, despite of applying at buyer’s request. Later on I got few orders, through buyer’s request and successful complete them with 5.0 stars rating.

In the month of February and March I received multiple orders and also complete them with 100 % client satisfaction and by obtaining 5.0 reviews from all of them. The story begins now, few days ago I am not receiving any order or request from FIVERR buyers. But before, these days I was receiving 2-3 messages and 1-2 orders on daily basis. I can’t understand why this is happening that now I don’t have any request or message from seller yet I have obtained positive and high ratings in all my orders completion.

I request to all of you, could please help me to in this matter. Because, I have already surf this topic via google, but didn’t find a sufficient answer of this issue.
Looking forward for your kind response and suggestions.

Best Regards,


Well, honestly, theres a lot of people who do a lot worse than that… It’s only been a few days. Some sellers with hundreds of reviews go through weeks of dry spells. Don’t worry too much, just make sure your impressions, clicks and views aren’t dropping drastically and you’ll be fine!


So nice of you for your kind reply, Can you please guide me how to prevent the reducing of impressions and clicks. Looking forward for your kind response.



There’s really no way to prevent it, impressions/clicks etc. fluctuate ! If you notice a drastic change for a long period of time I’d say change your gig tags to see if it helps and go from there :slight_smile: Good luck!


I really appreciate your kind suggestions and will keep in mind for future.
Thank You so much… :slightly_smiling_face: