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Downgraded from Level 2 to Level 1 for Response Rate

I just got downgraded because my response rate was 83%. I always answer any query within 12 hrs, usually within just 1-2 hours. But, I get some queries that come in overnight, so it might be 12 hrs.

I have no idea why my rate was 83%.

Is it even possible to send support a note to look at my details? They have hidden that link well.

Is there any way to see those details myself?

I have no idea what I’m not doing right.

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Hello @edsthread!

To the best of my knowledge, the response rate drops only if you miss out on/respond to first enquiries after 24 hours of it being in your inbox. Anytime within the first 24 hours, you’re fine. My guess is either that you haven’t reported/marked spam messages as ‘spam’ (this counts against your response rate) or if there’s some bug that’s messing up your stats.

Please check this link out -
and see if it leads you to support. It should, it opened up correctly for me.

Good luck!



I just submitted a ticket.


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You’re welcome! Hope they’re able to shed some light on why your response rate is at 83%.

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I got a reply, they said my current response rate is 100%, but for the prior 60 day rating period is was 83%.

So, the message I got back was worthless. I want to see the actual data of messages I did not reply to.

The only messages I fail to reply are the ones flagged as spam. Those are not supposed to be in the measurement.

I think Fiverr’s analytic methods on response rate are broken.



All unread/unreplied messages are taken into account, even if they’re spam. Annoying, yes, but, unless Fiverr changes the way it manages spam messages, you’ll need to reply to them.

Just respond with something like “reported”, mark them as spam and report the user.


Unfortunately, I believed the fiverr message saying it was flagged as spam and I would not be penalized for not replying.


I happened exactly the same to me and I answer all my messages. The only one that I don’t answer are the ones that Fiverr sends like promotions and you are not supposed to answer those one.

Once there is an ongoing dialog with a potential buyer, does each interaction get measured.

For example, if the buyer’s 4 message to me does not get my reply for 2 days, does that count against me?

No - it’s only the first reply that counts. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just concluded an extensive dialog with a Fiverr support rep.

All interactions are in the metric.

And, it’s applied at the client level.

So, here’s an extreme example: If I had 2 clients during a rating period. Client #1 all 10 messages were within 24 hours. Client #2: I had 10 message interactions with that client, but one of my replies exceeded 24 hours . . .

Then, my response rate for that period would be 50%.

I don’t like this method.

A better method would be 1 of 20 exceeded the 24 hr goal, my rating should be 95%.

That’s new then - thank you for telling us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like it’s completely different to what’s described in the help centre:
Is Every Inbox Message Factored Into My Response Rate?

The Response Rate Indicator tracks your first response to a new message. After that first reply, the rest of the conversation isn’t tracked, although it is important to continue conversations with Buyers until a conclusion is reached.

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I just sent that link to the fiverr rep - let’s see what he says.


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Does this mean that we (the sellers) have to always be the person to end/have the last word in a conversation? Despite having responded to all the buyer’s previous messages, if a buyer were to send one last message saying “thanks,” would we still have to reply back to it too?

And what if, after having replied to the buyer’s thanks message, the buyer sends yet another message? Will this to-and-fro thing have to keep going on forever until the buyer stops sending any messages? If that’s the case, it’s just ridiculous.

yes, i thought about that. I might come up with a standard closing to copy/paste as my final message.

“Thanks again for the gig. Please don’t reply to this message because I will be required to respond in order to maintain my seller rating that requires me to respond to all messages.”

It’s going to sound ridiculous.


I got this message from fiverr support.

The response rate measures the time you reply to the first message. After that, the average time is measured.

But, if the buyer sends you a new message that appears in the Inbox, vs the order page, then that counts as a new message.


“Response Rate” & “Average Response Time” are 2 different things and the one that will get you into trouble is the “Response Rate”. In order to keep this rate within limits, only the first message is needed to be replied within the 24 hour span - this includes answering spam messages, just remember to mark them as spam and report the user.

Your Average Response Time is 2 hours as I can see in your profile. This measure is not taken into account for promotion/demotion of level.

Rule of thumb: Always respond to whatever message comes through.

It can also happen that a message was flagged as spam without you even getting to know about it. Once flagged, it will go out of sight but may still rest in your inbox without being seen. To have control over this problem, I check once a day my dashboard to make sure that there is no mismatch between the “unread” messages that appears on the “Inbox ( )” item shown there and my Inbox.

If you ever come across this situation where you see that your response rate drops due to no reason or you find a mismatch on your unread messages, please contact CS and ask them to restore your rate. This is an advice I was given by a very nice, kind and helpful user (@offlinehelpers) who I really miss as she’s no longer with us.

No it won’t, as it has been said, only the first reply is the one that counts. I have one buyer who was the last one to write, it’s been 2 weeks now and my RR is 100%.

Why would anyone complicate itself keeping track on 2 parallel conversations with the same person?

Once an order is placed, I would say to just keep conversation through the order chat. If your chatting got started through inbox, let your buyer know that from there on, you 2 will be chatting through the order page.


Thanks for the clarifications. Your details make sense.

I’ve reviewed my messages (I don’t get a lot) and still can’t see how I got demoted for a 1st time response(s) of greater than 24 hrs.

But, I can’t waste time on it anymore - moving on.



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