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Downloables Certificates or References of work for sellers

Hello community!

I would like to suggest (and possibly some also need it) that the site has a downloadable certificate that endorses our work here.

I mean, even in many places in the world there is no knowledge of the sale sites, micro works, among others. When some legal procedures are done, part of the collections is a “labor certificate”, that is, something that guarantees that you work in the way you are saying (and in a serious way).

This would give us even more legal weight and seriousness to our freelancers professions when we concentrate our clients here. I think it would be a great idea, as well as the download of the income per month.

Currently I have moved from my country and I am requesting the Visa in another, but surprise, I must give a letter of labor certificate because when I told them that I am independent or freelancer they were horrified because I can not endorse that with only words before a public official as migration for example.

Who is agreed with this idea?

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[Foreword: while I like the idea, I don’t see how it would be possible to ever have something like this]

I think Fiverr would have to be certified or recognized by some educational institute / government or something like that to make such certificates valid and not just eye-candy for employers :wink:

This is even more required considering that you said:

…which would make such certificates irrelevant since those countries don’t know about these sites.

Also, I don’t think freelancers in other parts of the world have certificates of their freelance work, because that’s why they are called “free lancers”, as in independent contractors with not much or any legal attachments, thus not [really] recognized in the job market.

I haven’t heard of a freelancer who showed up at an employer handing them a certificate that they did freelancing, because the freelancer chose that independent career, nobody forced them, and freelancing isn’t really part of the real-world job market in many (or any?) countries.

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In effect, but as a platform that is already global today, you can give a certificate, or a letter that states that you use your platform, that is, it is currently one of your means of recreating the fund.

It will not be an educational certificate or an organization that employs you, but a letter by way of reference such as: “Through this act, we refer to Woofy31 as one of our platform users, seller of X services for X years”.

It is an official reinforcement and is a verifiable platform, it would count as an endorsement outside the words because whoever asks you for a way to verify your trade, can not call or sign each client.

That’s what I mean. A very useful option for such cases because as I explain, you and I know what we are, but certain governmental entities (for example).

Don’t think it would work I’m afraid.

A certificate for ‘I sold a few bits on ebay’ would be as about as much use as anything Fiverr or any other platform could offer. Sellers aren’t employed by Fiverr so there’s no sort of link which could be officially proven I’m afraid.


In effect, but it gives a kind of address to the applicant. That is why, as he explained to Woofy31, it would be helpful to give a formality, as a mere reference.

So for example, you put the example of Ebay to show sales, see that it is useful and the site offers it, but here we do not have that or similar unless you start printing PDF sales.

Clearly there is nothing legal that binds us, but you can give “testimony” of our use here as one of the sites from which we perceive income (obviously not literally said in writing).

I understand your point, I just hope I have explained mine better. Although some will not lack, others believe me, and more if only sell here.