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Download a .csv file of all your orders

Maybe this old news, but this is the first time I noticed that there was a little link on my revenues page that allowed me to download any category (all, funds cleared, pending, etc.) to a .csv file. It gives you the order number, the amount earned, the date, and whether it was funds cleared or pending, whatever. I’ve been keeping track of my orders with my own Excel file, but this is great for cross referencing (except it uses the order number instead of the buyer’s username). Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool and a feature I’ll definitely use, even if just for tax purposes!

Cool! Thanks for this. I never noticed!

This is awesome! Just saw the link. Thank you for sharing.


I don’t think it’s old news at all,

I never saw this link before on the revenues page.

It seems like it’s a brand new option which is really fantastic :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

That’s fantastic, I just saw it. That’s gonna be better than using Excell on my own. I admit doing the numbers is fun though. everytime I deliver I write how much money I’m making, and I’m quite happy. Yesterday I made $80, the day before $60, the day before $64. I hope I can keep this up. :slight_smile:

I already knew that this file could be downloaded but what is the best way to view it? When I just open it in Excel I get all of the data for each order in one cell and it is not the easiest way to view the data. Is there a trick to get the data split in different cells for each order (I am not that great with Excel).



This is so informative to me.