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Download All Button Please

When we have to direct it to a specific folder. It s better if we have a download all at once button. :frowning:
Specially Graphic Designers like me.
Life will be much easier if this wish comes true.

Yeah, I would want something like this too! Sometimes buyers attach a lot of files and don’t use zip files. So I have to download them one by one.

We need this. Many times, my sellers attaches a bunch of files and I have to download 1 by 1. So, like the email providers, if fiverr add this functionality, this will be very helpful.

I uh… fourth that with passion. I have customers who usually send all 10 attachments allowed per message, and I find myself playing whack-a-mole with the mouse pointer so as to download all files without clicking on any one file twice.

I hope I can get more attention to this problem :frowning:

Great idea!

Use this plugin to download them all
at the fast filter write /download/ and it will download all the files from that buyer in that order

tat s only for firefox yeah? :frowning: