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Download all files button


As a seller, I would like a button that downloads all the attachments at once. The fiverr upload and download process is pretty bad already - I actually think the whole upload/download system on fiverr needs an update. Make it easier and faster. I mean, the whole site is relies on this feature - for sellers to deliver their orders to buyers, so I think it’s a pretty important feature that needs some work.

Downloads are always really slow and laggy - while other sites, that I don’t think I’m aloud to mention are super fast and easy. Also uploads take a while, but not only that they seem to hog the internet - as I can’t browse other sites while something is uploading - and again, on other sites this is fine.

But PLEASE. Add a ‘download all’ button on order files and attachments - would make my time on fiverr 100x better and more pleasant.

I have loads of other ideas that would make the whole selling experience much easier and efficient: like color coding orders, or at least having a label on which gig that order is for (on the ‘to do page’). Also maybe even allow us to personalize our profiles a bit more, maybe allow us to put a header/sidebars/background. But the download all button is what I want the most, and I think would benefit a lot of others as well.

Thank you!