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Download and upload problems


This is the most common thing a bug for fiverr, cant download files from customer. The same goes by uploading, if the video file to deliver to customer is bigger then 300 mb, fiverr drops error and doesnt upload. Only files under 300mb. If my order is in big format, its impossible to deliver a file of 1gb to a customer, since after 300mb file fiverr site goes on error :frowning:

Hi @oscarspaeglis,

You can use Dropbox links. Just make sure to send your buyer a text file, containing the link(s), attached to the delivery message.


Yes, but Fiverr is a big platform. We are here making them money. But they cant fix small issues, and looks like alot of issues they just ignore :frowning:

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@oscarspaeglis, you ranted about an specific issue and I gave you the solution to it.

It’s up to you whether to take it or keep ranting uselessly.


its not a rant, fiver should fix these problems otherwise we all know other data sharing websites you are not the only one.


Sorry, but you may not use “other data sharing websites”. You can only use the ones Fiverr allow sellers to use.

And next time, please be polite when addressing people - specially ladies. Politeness doesn’t bite! It will be much appreciated. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How much i gave fiver monthly is enough to get me 1 year professional plan on dropbox. you got to be kidding me if i to have to still use dropbox and buy services at external website

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While what you say might be true, we will be the ones to suffer if we don’t adapt. If you remain recalcitrant and refuse to adapt, Fiverr is not going to lose anything.

You’re right. Fiverr could be a little more proactive in fixing these small issues. However, since we don’t see them doing that, it would be smart to find a solution to the situation ourselves rather than complain about it and expect Fiverr to act on it (which may not happen as quickly as you would like).


The first three letters of your username are absolutely beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that?

Anyway, I agree with you. It’s annoying having to deal with issues like this one when you pay your 20%.

Hanshuber16 pretty much summed up the mindset you need to have to avoid going crazy on here!


its from my name “Abdul Haseeb Malik” short to AHM for Design> AHM4Design :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have to go for other websites to upload the material, even fiverr doesnt allow that. But how can i send files such as 2gb or even more, depends what kind of video project, as a video editor if i dont want to break rules …°

Why we have option to upload maximum of 1gb if it fails after 390mb?

It’s totally possible. If you are doing this kind of work, you should know that.

Fiverr would need incredible storage to accommodate files this big. You use cloud storage to deliver things like this.

They dont allow us to do it!

Before you use an outside upload website. Get the :vertical_traffic_light: greenlight from CS first. I got permission from CS a long time ago to deliver larger files via DropBox. I didn’t have an issue plus it made my life and my Clients life so much easier. I just needed their stamp of approval before I proceeded. I ALWAYS share the Dropbox links in the delivery, just so it’s noted that you did deliver your services.

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is anyone getting this?

maybe fiverr will solve this issue