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Download Completed Files - Watermark is Still Visible


Good day, my seller completed my new logo and I must say that she’s done a fabulous job however, I downloaded the file and it still contains the watermark. I’ve successfully paid and even tipped the seller. What am I doing wrong.
Thank you for your assistance.


Contact the seller in question and ask for a file without the watermark.



Thank you. I’ve done that and as it happens, the background of the logo is white as is the “watermarked” text so there is a white line running thru one of the pieces of text.

Thanks for your help.


Gotten any response from the seller yet?


No response at this time.


Would advice you followup on him/her.


Thank you very much melgraphics1.


You welcome.

Best wishes.


Did you ever get this issue resolved? I just purchased a logo and it has the watermark. I wrote to the one that created it and I’m sure it will be resolved just didn’t know if its something they do or a issue with the site???


It’s a Fiverr feature, the watermark should be removed once you mark the order as complete.