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Download file [ARCHIVED]

when I click on the file sent to me by the seller it directs me to Fiverr’s homepage . how do I download my document?

me too… can somebody help??

Yeah me also, all my gigs can’t download. Need to fix soon.

Me too!

same here… can’t download anything.

my buyer is having the same problem, I delivered it but they cannot download it, they get taken to the home page when they try.

Same problem, and I have a ton of proofreading gigs to download and get done ASAP! HELP!

same problem, can’t download attached files.

Please help

Clearing my downloading history and cookies from my cache worked.

Had the same problem but clearing everything (chrome: upper right button of the screen > tools > clear browsing data) worked for me as well after relogging to Fiverr.

clearing did work me im still having the same issue

Will someone from Fiverr please post on here to let us know when this will be fixed? I have not been able to retrieve the work from my seller. Tired clearing, didn’t work. Tried different search engine, didn’t work. What should I do??? Can you tell my seller to email it to me directly. I need it!!!

I cannot review the work either. I wanted more work done, but I want to see this work first.

cannot download still

my client doesn’t available to download gigs, is there any solution …
may i use my google drive, dropbox or other online service for complete it ?