Downloding issue



One of my regular customer faces a problem in downloading the attached files.

Fiverr has sent him an excuse "It’s because of the underscore"

But I do not put the underscore…it is automatically getting in each space in the title

Lets say my file title is "Edited banner"

when uploaded the title is "Edited_banner"

Anyway…uploading and downloading have many errors time to time…

Please fix the issue somehow…

I suggest to try a different hosting site or something…I don’t know much about that of course…but need to have a fix…

I am temparary using an external site to upload when my customers say they cannot download…


PS:- If you also have faced the same issue please add something here so that fiverr will know that issue is common and they need to fix it…



Well, if you put a space between a saved file, it automatically creates an underscore. When saving a file, save it without pressing the space button so it would be, “editedbanner” rather than “edited banner”. This is my only logical guess.



I concur with freelancemm. Do not use spaces in file names.