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Dozens of random meaningless questions every day

For the past two weeks I keep getting dozens of random questions a day that have nothing to do with my gigs or anything to do with actually showing interest in them. I don’t know why. I answer them and don’t get any response.

I’m not sure why so many new accounts continuously send random pointless questions.

This has become a pattern recently. I spend hours on this each day only to be ignored when I answer. Is anyone else noticing this?

These are not genuine, interested potential buyers.

I think someone on the forum with too much time on his hands has made a dozen new accounts and is simply sending out random time wasting questions.


Are they newbies who want suggestions and tips or people who have questions about your gig but never answer back… Or both!


No. They are new accounts and ask questions which seem to have some vague meaning about my gigs, but not really. It’s fake.


Holy dang. I mean I get that they are new accounts but a description at the bottom of your gig is there for a reason.

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I wish whoever it is would get a new hobby. I am seriously considering not spending as much time on the forum due to this. I don’t know what else to attribute it to.

The quality of the forum questions and discussions seems to be down and these vague mindless questions seem to fit in to the same mindset. It’s not seriously interested in anything to do with my gigs or fiverr.

It previously was unheard of for me to answer someone’s question and then not get any response but now it’s become the norm. There is no interest or engagement at all.

It seems so unusual and as if it’s a new pattern.


Sounds weird, apart from the same person with many accounts, there’s also the possibility that it’s several people who express themselves in a similar way, so that you have the impression of it being the same person. I hope you’re not featured in some private Fiverr course, or YT video or such, and if, hopefully it will be just temporary.


It wouldn’t be the first time. You might have hit on something there.


Same here. I have blocked several people this week. I think that Fiverr should do a “deposit” type of system. You want to be a buyer on here? You plunk down $200. It’s nonrefundable but can be used to purchase gigs. This would also help save us from the scammers and waste-of-timers.


there are many of such user on Fiverr.
sometimes i just reply HI, so that my response rate do not get affected, and i just ignore the message.

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On fiverr now competetion is too much so when new sellers join fiverr they didn’t get any order. So, that why they asking questions randomly.

I think that.

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I just asked one where she found me listed and she said “on fiverr”. I said where on fiverr, since she asked the prices. She said she saw my name listed on fiverr, but didn’t see my profile.
Nothing made sense and she got angry that I was asking questions. I never did get any answer about where she saw me but didn’t see my gigs or profile.

I said she must have seen my gigs or profile since she had to click on the contact button to send me a message. She said “bye”.

It’s typical that they ask the prices. I’m really not sure why they can’t see them on my gigs, or start messaging me without seeing those.

That was a bizarre conversation.

According to her, she started messaging me without ever seeing my profile or gigs. Yet she knew what kind of gigs I had and was able to message me.


Sounds like they are using a scatter-gun approach to find a certain type of profile of person - all the better for scamming.


I can’t guess what the game is but they are putting a lot of time into it whatever it is. And they seem to have dozens of new accounts. They aren’t prepared for me being the one to ask them questions. I mean asking what the prices are but claiming not to see my gigs or profile anywhere? They need to get a new script.


The exact same thing has been happening to me. For some reason, I’m getting messages from people that want a service that has nothing to do with my gig or in another language. This started happening mid November for me.


Yes, that too, asking me for things I don’t offer, every day. I’ve been on fiverr long enough to see this is a new pattern and as you say mid November it started.

Try asking them some questions about where they found you and how they came to you, if they saw your gigs, and be prepared for bizarro world.

I could tell this was from an American too, the words and the general rudeness as it progressed.

Maybe it’s to try to knock down my conversion rate? I’ve never had so many random inquiries that went absolutely nowhere from people clearly not genuinely interested.


I’m absolutely used to people asking prices where they should be clear from looking at my gig, so they shouldn’t need to ask, but the rest of that sounds really weird.
Could it be that they got a link directly to your inbox from someone? Don’t know if that works, perhaps it could if they already registered and are logged in.

The person I asked immediately got mad, gave answers that didn’t make sense.
Like she knew what my gigs were for but claimed she didn’t see my gigs or profile, but somehow managed to contact me. She “saw the message on fiverr” about me.

She said she wanted both a money spell and love spell but didn’t see the prices or my gigs.

Then asked how much they would cost and I told her to please see my gigs. The cost varies according to the extras so I prefer they first check out my gigs.

Then she said “where are your gigs?”

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Hm. Perhaps your gig was featured somewhere by Fiverr then? Like, I recently got a mail in which they advertise gigs as Christmas gifts. Someone could call that “saw the message on Fiverr”, I guess, as you click in those mails and it directs you to curated gigs.

If it’s new accounts as you said, it makes sense that they may not be good in “navigating”, so perhaps they saw an ad but don’t know they can click your name to get to the list of gigs or something…

Then “saw a message on Fiverr” could also mean they saw a gig of yours as recommendation on another gig they looked that …


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She saw my gigs or she wouldn’t have asked about two of them. But then asked where they were. She was new so maybe she didn’t know they were called gigs. But then how did she even message me? She would have to use a contact button. But said she didn’t see my profile.

These people are not contacting me because they seriously want or are interested in my gigs.

Then said OMG stop asking questions.

Usually when I give one answer they never send another message. But I decided to ask this one some questions to find out where she found me at least.


I’m getting this and a flood of people who can’t actually say what they want. Then after 3 or so messages, they start getting irate because I won’t give them my best offer. - It doesn’t seem to matter that they can’t say what they want. They want my best price now.