Draft Bug?


So I’m new here, and I made some gigs but are stuck at draft even though it said they got published at the end of the editing. I tweaked a little here and there making sure there are no blank spots. but nothing. it even shows me to share my gig and when I click it says there is an error with showing me that. Is this a bug or?


I am experiencing the same issue. I have double checked each step a couple of times bust still stuck as draft.


I deleted the gig that was stuck in draft - and then chose a new gig, re-entered the information and it published fine.


I have two like this now. I have tried editing multiple times and deleated and reloading. Still drafts…


This is my first time on the site, is fiverr bad at fixing problems or issues? T
here seems to be a lot of bugs. I am also trapped in the draft mode.


My gig is also stuck in draft mode


I am also trapped in the draft mode.


saddly didn’t work. I already tried many gigs


i am trapped in the draft mode. Please do something asap. Thanks


I cannot publish another gig since few days… I’m new here
I’m in the draft mode too, cause I have blank for the pricing section… they don’t offer the bottoms for price and delivery time


Mine seems to be fixed now, yours?


Not fixed yet for me :frowning:


Also stuck in draft mode and unable to find answers in forum or google. No red boxes, and shared with friends, still nothing. How come there are no answers in t;he forum?


Hey so i was having this problem too! :frowning:
Everything seemed fine, it doesn’t tell you anything is wrong… but then i went through very thoroughly and realized it was my images holding things up, i made them the right dimensions and YIPPY published :slight_smile:
Anyone else having this problem should double check everything in case its something as simple as over looking the image size like i did.


I had the same problem. Resolved it by adding a picture to my gig. I didn’t originally have one.