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Dramatic experience with an "miraculous" buyers


I started my gigs a few months ago. a week since my gigs opened, I immediately got an order for the first time. after that order, my gigs were getting crowded.
The second buyer sent me a chat (its time to earn), but he told that he will do the order after he saw for an example of work, and gladly I gave him FOR FREE (I sent via chat). After I sent the sample design, he disappeared like was swallowed by the earth, I thought it might not be my luck.
The third buyer came, and the case was still the same, he asked some sample> I gave him FOR FREE > He disappeared.
The fourth case is almost the same, but this time I gave a watermark on the work sample > he disappeared.
The fifth comes (I think maybe this is my lucky time after the hard work I have done) but what do you guess? he disappeared, AGAIN. Why is the world so cruel :joy::joy::joy:


Oh dear. It’s like we always say on the forum: NEVER do work for free. Ever

People who ask me for samples of my work are directed to the portfolios of various gigs here on fiverr - I never give them a separate sample.

Use your portfolio - that’s what it’s for.


The idea is that they have to PAY you. Then you do the work.


Thank you. maybe for now I will direct them to my portfolio. Actually I still don’t know the real reason why they asked for some samples:sweat_smile:


it will be difficult for new sellers who want to immediately have an order


It’s up to you if you want to continue to work for free but that’s not really how this site is supposed to work. Why do you think they wanted free samples? Do you have any thoughts about this?

Since you are a new seller and immediately want an order, why not tell them to place an order and then do the work?


I am really a new seller, and I also really don’t know why they asked for some samples. but maybe they don’t like my sample so they decide not to order. What do you think?


Why don’t you ever give samples?. Usually they will beg like a child:rofl:


Weirdly, I don’t like to work for free …


Word of mouth, presumably you have become a target in certain circles.


looks like a principal thing


Yup. And one you would do well to adopt if you would like to be paid for your work from now on.


Is it true?. :open_mouth:


If you weren’t before you probably are now.


They asked for free samples because they were looking for free work. And chances are it was just one guy who used different accounts to get free designs. As others have already advised, do not accept to give free samples.