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Dramatic Increase in Buyer Requests?

I’m a new seller and I’ve completed a few orders (with good reviews) purely from responding to buyer requests.

Suddenly, my list of buyer requests has grown from a handful a day to over 700! :crazy_face::heart_eyes:

Admittedly, the requests aren’t all in my particular areas of expertise, but there’s still loads to respond to.

Is this a feature or a bug of the buyer request display algorithm?

(I’m NOT complaining, of course)


Wow!! Maybe you got featured somewhere on the site or in an email or something? Good luck!!

You are lucky. My BR section is empty from last few days.

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Buyer requests has nothing to do with your gig being featured or not.

Okay :slight_smile: I’m new here, I was just throwing ideas out. I’ll get back in my box :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, a lot of seller on buyer request section so you have to search thru hundreds of requests and offer!

Requests are shown based on which gigs you offer. If you create a new gig in a different category or subcategory then you will see requests related to your new gig.

If you didn’t create any new gigs recently then it could be a bug. I’ve seen old requests surfacing during the past few days. (More than usually)


Ahh, that’s a good point, ux.

I originally just had a ebook cover design gig, but I’ve added a Halloween poster gig and an album cover design gig.

That must be the reason why the request criteria have broadened out.

Having said that, I was getting requests for design jobs unrelated to ebooks, anyway, but only a few (maximum 6 a day)

I suppose the lesson to be learned for all new sellers is to increase the variety of related gig types you offer; not just for the gigs themselves to attract buyers, but for you to see many more buyer requests, too.

Wow 700, that’s a massive number! I My buyer requests are usually 20-40 that’s all :confused:

It depends on which category buyers select. For example, I see design requests because some buyers think that if they need a new banner for their Wordpress website they should choose Wordpress customization.

Yep. I have almost identical gigs for 2 categories because buyers don’t always choose the right category.

I’m really confused by this!! Is Buyer Requests not an area that you search for Requests that you can fulfil? I don’t seem to have a personal list of them…

WOW!! It’s great, you are a really lucky.

Buyer requests are personalized based on your gigs. If you check your buyer requests I assume you don’t see requests for website development or voice over services, right?
I’m guessing most of the requests you see are about social media & proofreading. My requests are probably completely different from yours because almost 80% of requests I see are related to Wordpress.

When you bid on the requests you have to pick one of your gigs. There’s no point showing you the requests that you can’t fill. That’s why some users see hundreds of requests and some see only few.

Clear your cache data and cookies. Then log in again.

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I’m seeing requests now that are pretty broad. For example: app development, architectural contract drafting, choosing presents for a 10 year old girl, creating a “shopify aliexpress dropshipping store”, etc.

None of these are even remotely related to my gig wording or tags but among the stuff I don’t want to do, there is plenty of graphic design related stuff I’m interested in.

I’m inclined to think it’s a fortuitous bug, tbh!

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It could be a bug. Maybe customer service can double check this for you.
It wouldn’t be the first time :slight_smile: