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Drastic decrease of impressions, views & orders too. What to do?


Hi Everyone,

Greetings. I’m undergoing a hard time. From last month I started losing impressions & other search values drastically. One of my gigs was best seller & appeared to the first page of my targeted keyword. But then, a disaster broke down. The average monthly impression of my best selling gig was 17-18k. But all on a sudden, it started losing all the impressions. And now, it has only 2000 impressions per month. I tried everything I can. I researched my competitor’s gig, edit my gig & everything I can. But all my attempt goes to vain. My gig is still losing impressions & not shown in the search result. So, can anyone help me & what should I do?


Here is my profile link in case you need it:


Contact them: The Abracadabra boyz (we put your Gigs again online, if we can)

They helped me once with the same problem as yours…


Hi @wuerz123

Thank you a lot for your reply. Your link redirects to Fiverr Help Center. I have contacted support several times but they didn’t help. It would be a pleasure for me if you write a detailed answer. Looking for your reply.

Thanks & have a great day… :slight_smile:


Lol… Not everyone know you are the sarcastic one on forum.


Ok, I got it. Maybe @wuerz123 did a bit sarcasm. I’ve joined the forum yesterday & I’m not totally used to with it. By the way, thanks to all… :slight_smile:


Let’s say it like this:

Either your Gig is not shown on the search result. Solution: Contact the guys in the link above (yes, it was Customer Support)

Either your Gig it’s showed on the search results, but too back behind for you to have enough patience to find it. In that case maybe Customer Support saw there was no “real problem” with that and didn’t bother in answering.

Either you’re loosing impressions / clicks and ergo potential orders.

Do not relay 100% on Fiverr for your business, Fiverr will not assure you to get a certain amount of clicks / orders or direct traffic to your account. In that case you shall look how to get traffic from outside Fiverr: social media, etc.

Sit and wait for an answer will not help. And if it does, in the meantime just force your own way out the difficulties :+1:

Be a man of action, girls love that! :smiley_cat: