Drastic Drop in Gig impressions


Hello, i am Antony

i have been selling on fiverr for about 2 years. i had good amount of orders until June 2017. In June the amount of new orders i received was lower than previous months i noticed my gigs impression and clicks dropped a little. and then they dropped every month. i am receiving low number of orders. i dont understand why it happens i have five star rating for all of my gigs.

On Fiverr forum i read Fiverr introduced a new search algorithm on June. is the new algorithm somehow related to my gig impressions drop. if yes can i do anything to improve my gigs. can anyone explain why is this happening. your help would be appreciated.


Yes I had a remarkable drop in sales and impressions in June along with a lot of other sellers.

None of us have an answer to what to do about it. Some will try to say do this or that but no one really knows anymore what will help. My worst months were June, July, September and October but in June and September I went on vacation for a week each month. So that seems to have had a big effect on my impressions and sales.


Morning from Florida, Antony -

I haven’t been tracking my impressions to figure out trends etc.,
However, I have been with Fiverr now 9-months and I have never experienced sales this low since the first few weeks on. In fact my pipeline is empty. (As soon as it builds a few orders, I clear it and then dead for a few days) What seemed to be an average day for me back a month or so ago was somewhere between 10-15 orders a day; 20+ my best days. I relocated so signed out roughly 2-weeks, but things normally always rebounded within 1-2 days from signing back in. It’s been dead essentially the entire month of November for me. Decided to up my rates because, hey, I’m worth it;) And still pretttttttyyyyyy slooowwww, concerned for sure! For me hard to tell wether it’s due to the season or my rate increases. I’ve been tweaking my gig summaries and pricing since to no avail.

Hang in there, I’m with you:-)
-Angelina Will