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Drastic Drop on sales

Hello everyone, i would really like to know why sellers sales dropped so much. For the past one month i have no job offerings. The ones that come around offer peanuts for huge projects and that’s a no no for me. Is anyone else experiencing this challenge ?

There are hot and cold periods. It’s up to you whether you take the “peanut” jobs or not. Fiverr doesn’t control clients. If you feel that it’s a “no no” for you, maybe you should seek other practices to assist you to get more clients.

I had a really slow beginning of hte year. It’s slowly picking up, well, kind of. I’ve seen the change though and I feel you.

I had a fantastic March and a crappy April, go figure. It’s normal. I would like to mek more sells in May, obviously, but with just one day left in April, I’m just saving all my gigs up that I can for May for morale-boosting numbers.

Remember the golden rule of freelancing: always have at least 6 months in savings so the lean times don’t turn into a dystopian nightmare, and you are comfortable enough to focus on marketing yourself and finding new clients. Or just posting on forums, which is also an incredibly effective way to combat this common issue.