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Drastic impression drop! [ARCHIVED]


Does anyone have an idea why the fiverr impressions are dropping drastically in all of my gigs these days? I usually had more than 6k fiverr impressions for my article writing gig and presentation gig. But they keep coming down every day since the last week. My sales amount also has decreased rapidly and I suspect that impression drop is the reason. Does anyone have any ideas? I haven’t made any changes to my gigs recently, has fiverr done any modifications to the site?


Maybe Fiverr made some adjustments in searches, or, the most probable, your competition is the cause…


I would do a search in similar Gigs to yours. See what they are doing differently. Find the more popular ones and see what they might have that yours do not?

Also you may want to revamp your descriptions some for better key-words related to your Gig. Do you have a header banner, or videos on your Gigs?

try cross promoting them too on different networks, like Facebook, or write about them in your blog. Some people may be getting outside marketing help!

I had one client admit that he went through 7 different people before he found my Gig. I was the ONLY one able to cut a background out of a picture (and not charge extra for it). Everyone else claimed it was “too difficult”. So maybe see if you can offer an extra, or side bit that no one else does?


I have face same problem for last 1 month my impression 23000k to drop 10000k its very bad I do not understand why this is happen not get any enquiry. :((


As I’ve said before… Someone has to be benefiting from this new system, right? Everyone can’t be losing business, can they?


I have been experiencing the same thing - and also, one of my main keywords doesn’t even pull up my gig when used and there are not that many other people providing the same service.


Same problem happened to me. Then it was solved. It is like fiverr keep changing it’s search ways, So better to try changing the tags and descriptions.


well i have 0 everything

i need serious help people