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Drastic orders drop since last week

So, last month it’s been kinda busy, actually the busiest since opening my Fiverr profile. New contacts almost every day, some days multiple orders too. But since last week I only had 1 new contact that did not convert and no new orders. Am I missing something? I also updated my t.o.s, and added 2 new gigs. Feel free to take a look at my gigs, maybe you can spot something wrong or that needs improvements. Thank you!

Fiverr rotate gigs, that is the reason of constant orders or no orders sometime. When you do change something in your gig, gig will not able to be seen in search result for 24 hours to a week.

Thank you for answering. I must add though that seraching by key words like “guided meditation” or “positive affirmations” I always find my gigs in th first page, near the top. Tried searching on multiple devices being logged out, even in incognito mode sometimes just to be through… my gigs are there.

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Then maybe people are not searching for your service :thinking:
What about your competitors? are they getting orders?
Wait for a week or two, if the situation remain the same than do some changes in your description or images.

As far as i can tell my competitors are still getting orders, even if my price-per-word is way lower. Ok we’ll see how things evolve. Thank you!

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