Drawing a logo to be used online


I am having a logo drawn by someone. I want it to look like a black and grey tattoo…a lot of shading and detail. But I am new to this somneed to know how big I should have it drawn up…how much detail and different “things” I can add to the logo without crowding it up. I know that more is not good because of when it needs to be minimized for smaller areas on Facebook page or wherever…so basically I want to tell this guy to draw me a detailed logo with as much stuff in it I can…WHAT guidelines do I go by so it doesn’t become to much?? If look up westside Barbell’s logo…it is a pitbul with a barbell…that is the hand drawn look I am going for. Not a solid cartoon logo. More like a tattoo, if that makes sense.


Your designer should know what and how much detail he’ll/she’ll input in the design.

Simply explain to your designer that you require a logo that can still be readable when minimized to this size:


Yes, the designer is there to guide you through the process and advise you in terms of simplicity/readability.


I am having my tattoo artist I’ve known for a long time draw it for me…so he has no clue either. I figured whoever I hire to transfer it to digital would be the one adjusting it. Thanks for responses