Drawing and Photoshop


I’m looking to earn some money to sustain myself while at college. In order for me to do that, I will be giving out two services: drawing and photo manipulation.

Drawing Info:

With my drawings, I draw people that have a more anime-esque style, but I can do realism. I can either do it traditionally, with pencil and paper, or digitally on the computer. For the $5 charge, you can order any of the following style combinations (one from the top list and one from the bottom list. ex: sketchy waist-up, vector color chibi, etc)

Sketchy - Basic line work, not super detail, a basic outline of the figure. May include color

Outline - Sketch is cleaned, detail added, Varying degrees of line weight

Flat Color - An outline with flat coloring, no shading

Vector color - Shading added, but not blended

Full Color - Full color with blended shading

Bust - Shows figures head and partial shoulders

Waist-up - Shows figures waist and above

Full Body - Shows figures entire body

Chibi - Shows figure with a large head and larger facial features, with a small body (full figure)

Note: With the Full Body, I don’t do it often. So that will be the equivalent of ordering 2 normal gigs. Also, the wait time for this gig is only so high, due to my limited access to a tablet. I only have access to it during the week, maybe on saturdays if my schedule allows.

For more drawings of mine, feel free to visit the following link. Most of my art gets posted there. I have folders on the left side with more images within them.


Photoshop Info:

I am actually still learning photoshop, but I am still able to do certain things. Be sure to message me before hand if you are unsure as to whether or not I can do it. I will update what I can do as I learn how to do it. I am currently in the process of learning how to touch up old worn down photos that may have scratches, or tears in them. What I can do is as followed, and you may request any of them.

Add Color - I can add color to black and white images

Remove/Replace Background - I can remove the background of an image, and/or add a backgorund to an image.

Manipulation - Edit a photo to make it look like something that doesnt belong, does.

Lighting - Edit lighting within the image to your liking

For one gig, you can have me edit up to 10 pictures.

For both the Drawing and Photoshop gigs, I will show you the progress from start to finish. This is to show you what it is each stage looks like, and to get your opinion on the look of the image and it gives you the chance to let me know if you’d like somethign to be changed.

To get started, simply click my name above to be redirected to my page, then scroll down and select the gig that best fits your need.