Drawing the line


How and when do you tell your client that 5$ can support only smallest, most basic projects?

Its probably more common among providers of services such as design, testimonials, writing etc…

any thoughts?


I think you do that by making clear cut definitions via ‘Extras’. You have to find the most common asked-for thing that goes over the $5 dollar line and make that the $10 extra, etc. That way you can say, PLEASE SEE EXTRAS BEFORE ORDERING.


I think you should point this part out in the description and gig extras.


You set the limits, and they push the boundaries. That’s just how it works.


Some good points here, thanks. I think graphic design tends to be tricky when ‘drawing the line’… Maybe I just need to change my profession :slight_smile:

Problem in my case lies in the principle of revisions… those seems endless sometimes…

oh well :slight_smile: