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Dream Suites International SCAM

Yesterday all day, there was a Buyers request that was quite sad and unique.
He was a victim of fraudulent activities by a person working or connected to Dream Suites International. He received a Cold call offering a cruise trip with a discount, and after he paid, the company is not responding at all. He lost his money, and he placed a request here on Fiverr to help him recover that money.
Can anyone help him? No.
Now I don’t know what kind of offers he received, but I guess it was just another pile of frauds because if you Google Dream Suites International Scam you find out that it is a standard running scheme scam where they bait you with cheap discount products or services that you will never see.
I wish I could help him somehow, but unfortunately, his money is gone.
Please research before you give your money to anyone.


That’s sad. But as you said everyone needs to do proper research before buying anything. That’s a rule. I’m confident their bank can revert the funds if provided with adequate proof of this scamming scheme. I live in Europe so not sure what applies to their place of residence but here one can claim their money back if they can prove they have been victim of online fraud.

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