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Dream VS Reality of a Freelancer

Freelancers want to be their own boss. They want flexibility and the option to choose what to work on. They want the freedom to develop their talents and hobbies in any way they find fitting.

“But making money as a freelancer is no joyride. It requires patience, persistence, and expertise.”


Yeah, it needs patience. Try to work hard and you’ll find success one day :slight_smile: <3

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There are a lot of cons and pros of being a Freelancer. You have to work hard to establish yourself as a freelancer and overcome those first initial steps. Once you make a name for yourself and get used to how work with the clients and how to keep your working environment structured, things will go easier.


Absolutely. You explanation just :heart:

We must do the right thing not what we like; in the whole daily life not only in freelancing.

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I have a cousin who’d always make these strange remarks of how I’m basically a free bird and can do whatever I want all day.

I asked her is she ever had a 14-16-hour working day (which consisted purely of work, by the way, not watching youtube, having smoke breaks and an hour-long lunch and doodling in her notepad at a business meeting). That made her shut up for good.

I’m not advocating for 14-16-hour working days, btw, that’s not healthy. But you have to crunch on occasion. You have strict deadlines, commitments, meetings, etc. Freelance is freeing indeed, in many ways, but it’s not “do whatever you want” at all times. Not if you want to get paid consistently.


Be the queen of your own world :heart::heart:

Good points in the original post.

I started freelancing “on the side” and didn’t get to the point where I could be a full-time freelancer until 2.5 years later.

I’m now into my 5th year as a F-T freelancer and normally work just half days (4 hours) six days a week.

I love it!

But it didn’t happen overnight.


Emphasis on patience :smiley:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago”

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Lot’s Love for you :heart::heart: