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Dreams Come True

Hi, I am JUST 17 years old. Writing Just because in our culture kids are told to do not worry about money and there is no need to work until you complete your education.
But, my vision was opposite to all this. I do not like to come to my parents every month and ask for the college fee and pocket money. I always wanted to be independent and self-sufficient and make money to at least fulfil my own expenses.
Always watching videos on youtube for online money making, found about Fiverr. As I have a lot of knowledge about computer-related stuff like video editing, picture editing and much more(As I had been using computer since I was 3 or 4 years old). So, I made gigs. After 10 days, I was messaged by a buyer and order was placed but that order was cancelled because the buyer wanted to make me 1100 clips from a long video in only 5 hours. Then from youtube videos, came to know about Buyer Requests and started sending 10 daily.I also polished my skills of video editing from Youtube. From BR I got 2 orders and more are coming INSHALLAH.
So, till now I have just $24 in my account but these are enough to motivate me to work more hard.
THANK YOU FIVERR for making my dreams of being independent true.
Here is the link of one of my gigs

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Hi @hazel_justin131, feels good to hear your story.It’s a good sign that newbie like you comes to this platform after developing their skills enough these days. Also it seems like that you have enough self respect which can turn your passion into money.I personally like this kind of enthusiasm.Best wishes.Never stop learning and keep moving on.Good Luck!

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Thanks bor Best Wishes