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Dreamweaver Websites! Can anyone HELP?

Hello! I love the fiverr concept but after spending over a month with the layout of my website in Photoshop for a fiverr job, I found out that the person who I hired could not layout my site in Dreamweaver. In fact, it seems that the person only can use WordPress-like templates. I am shocked because in the profile it says that the person is an expert in Dreamweaver. Can anyone tell me if you know a fiverr who actually does know Dreamweaver and can build my website?! Thank you so very much! I’m a bit frustrated and needing help!


I’m not the expert, however build some dreamweaversites ( www.fragglesrock www.fragglesrock www.fragglesrock ). If you like you can tell me your problem :wink:

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Yes, I build dreamweaver websites. You can find my gig here: