Drinks for spring time


Every time I get a tip, I usually go to Starbucks.
If someone tips me extra, I’ll also get a scone or a cookie, sometimes a cake.

I’m guessing this happens in Japan only, but during the spring time we have the “sakura” series, and we can get sakura coffee and sakura chiffon cake/. It looks like this:

and yes, that’s a real flower up there.

The other day I got a tip (Thank you Mila!!) and the sakura cake just came out, so I marched to
Starbucks and got myself coffee and this cake.
If there are any unique/local spring drinks from your area, please share.

…OK, back to work. Have a nice day everyone. :smiley:


Yum, looks amazing. :coffee: :cake:


It’s pink and all girly-looking, but it’s good and actually has the sakura flavor.
Pink isn’t my favorite color, but this pink cake, looooooove love love. :heart_eyes:


I am curious, why is it a seasonal thing? Is it because of the flower? It looks fancy :heart_eyes:


That is a gorgeous cake, and I am guessing that flower may be edible or at least the petals, I want to make a cake with edible flowers. They sell bunches of them at Whole Foods.


We see cherry blossom flowers only during the spring. Between March and April, it’s all pink and white with petals flying everywhere.


Yes, the flower is edible. It’s a bit salty, and we use them a lot for rice cakes like these guys:

For sakura flowers we usually use salt to preserve them, but I’m guessing the edible flowers you are talking about use sugar?? I’ve never seen edible flowers beside sakura, I might need to go check Whole Foods next time I’m in the states!


You should see the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. with all the cherry blossoms in bloom in April or May. Those trees were given to our country by Japan. It is like heaven.

<img src=’/uploads/default/original/2X/7/74a79453021d40503c18836db6f20a2f4a04fe1e.jpg’ border=“0"”>

I am not sure if or how they are preserved. They are all kinds of tiny flowers like pansies and violets.

One year those trees had a disease and they injected them all with drugs to save them.


Amazing. I love how you always treat yourself to something whenever you receive a tip. I love that! WTG :wink:


Yikes, I can’t imagine someone taking a monster syringe and injecting the trees…but oh well, if it worked and saved the trees, I’m not going to complain.
Lovely photo BTW! I guess I should add D.C. to my to-go-list :slight_smile:


People go from all over the world to see those trees when in bloom. Our government brings in Japanese tree experts once a year to check up on them and take care of them. They were an apology gift from Japan after WW2 ended. Washington is a fascinating place.


No clue what’s special drink wise in my area during Spring so I did a web search. Not sure why I was expecting non-alcoholic beverages but apparently mixed drinks and cocktails are popular.


Well, it’s going to be autumn here soon so I’m looking forward to my honey, lemon & ginger from the coffee shops. I suppose spring to me is the Mary Potter hospice strawberry festival in Midland Park, Wellington.


That looks great. :cherry_blossom:

I don’t think I ever noticed any special that hit me as local in Starbucks yet.
They had marble cake a few times and that doesn’t seem there always but i guess that exists elsewhere too, and else only things that I guess are the same as in the US. No Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte yet. :cherries:

We have edible Roses, they are preserved with sugar.


Edible roses!! They must look fancy on a cake!


They aren’t really used on cakes though, guess because they are so big, you can buy them ‘as single items’.

Some shops sell mixes of edible flowers without any preservation to put into salads sometimes. That’s really pretty too, but also more of a luxury item.


Pink kashmiri tea.


We’ve much more in spring as its end of winter.But mostly people take Kashmiri kulcha along with kashmiri chai.It looks like this.

I guess, Indians may have same taste now a days.


OK, now you’re making my mouth water…


Hahahaha…I invite you.Come and join :yum: