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Drive buyers to your service/ product



I’ve recently posted a add on Fiverr regarding design of a landing page. I’m totally new on this site and what really give me a "aha " moment was the amount of web design services out there. So my question that puzzles me is how on earth does people in Fiverr drive traffic to there "add ". What I specifically mean is how do you convert a totally cold customer which is surfing for let’s say a simple web site into a buying customer…is it your layout, product description, ran etc etc etc.


One thing I have found, is it’s crucial to promote your services after posting to drive direct traffic to your specific gig. This will build your gig’s notoriety and gain it some reviews. Most search “web design” then filter by gig reviews. So promote, promote, promote.


Thank you for the reply. In that case I will work my butt of promoting myself to get traffic and sales.
Have a nice day!


Can you us some tips that how to promote GIGs in effective way?


The majority of our customers are on social networks, so we have to look for them on Facebook and Twitter. You can advertise your services on groups by asking the administrator for approval (do not spam because it’s very badly seen and your reputation will decrease) and make paying advertising in a very targeted way on Facebook.


Thanks for these tips!


Cool is there any specific group you could recommend?? I’ve also been thinking of using comission junction to boost my sales.