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Drive Social Media traffic to your gig

Everybody want to sell, so, getting started isn’t simple.

There are two main steps you need to get sales:

  • first step is to create at least one awesome gig, that is highly searched by people. Your gig needs an eye catching title + picture + motivating description + the right tags + SEO optimization: your targeted keywords should exists in: title, description and tags). Please retain that not any crappy gig is sold;

  • second step is to get traffic from most important social media websites (twitter, facebook, linkedin, reddit, etc). You can share your gigs on these social websites (but you’ll get very low traffic from new profiles), or you can let somebody else to drive social media traffic to your gigs, like me. Here is my social media traffic gig (300 daily visits for one month, from twitter, facebook, pinterest, reddit, linkedin, etc) .

Following these 2 steps, you can hope that after a few days or weeks you’ll start to get sales (1 or a few sales per week at the begining, then maybe you can get daily sales - usually after months, when you’ll get repeat customers).

Please retain that I do not guarantee any sales, but I just help you to get more social media traffic to your gig (as Fiverr requires from every seller to get more sales).