Driving traffic to my gig


I’ve attempted to send potential customers from outside of Fiverr, to my Fiverr gig. I do this because I believe the 20% they charge for maintaining a business site and handling transactions is well worth it. I would prefer to spend that time promoting myself.

Here’s where the problem lies. Every time I’ve sent someone to my gig by searching my moniker/username nothing comes up. Not only has my credibility gone kaput, but I’ve now put effort into cultivating work for someone other than myself!!! And having them find me with a filter is not the answer either.

Perhaps Fiverr doesn’t want us promoting our gigs outside of Fiverr?


Give them your profile or gig link instead of asking them to search for you.


Have you seen the length of our links?

Sure, giving them a link to my profile is a possibility, however, I avoid that because it’s not easy to enter long complicated links for anyone, least of all someone you want to do business with. Where as searching a simple moniker is more practical.

The point is that Fiverr should make our monikers/usernames come up in searches so that it’s worthwhile to send potential customers that way. It should be easy, not impossible.


For searching usernames you must use the “Search for usernames containing…” dropdown which shows up when you type something into search. If usernames were included in the general search results it would be awful.

A better idea is just using your profile link - Fiverr.com/username is easier to access than Fiverr.com>enter name>search for user> results.


You can create “custom offers” and provide these short links to your clients.

How: Selling > Promote yourself > generate custom offer > share your link! (7 letter link)


I can see how that would work and I’ll certainly use that!

However, our profiles should be found in direct searches too, for those occasions when potential Buyers just want to explore our profile, or they’re recommending us to others outside of Fiverr.

I wonder how many other Sellers actively promote Fiverr in general, not just their gigs?


I understand that however, how would the search work?

Imagine if someone is interested in: “I’m looking for a creative guy to jump holding my sign” My profile will show up because my name is The Creative Guys. I don’t offer that service :wink:


I like that idea! I’m going to use it! I need new business cards now!


I just typed your username into Google and your Fiverr profile is the 3rd listing on page 1.


A big THANK YOU for letting me know that! It’s been months since I did a Google search of my username and I’m happy to see I’m rising up in the ranking. This makes it much easier to drive traffic to my profile!


Naturally, the type of search you give an example of (boolean expression) would not work. Although it would be awesome if it did.

We’ve been discussing how to best help potential customers we encounter outside of Fiver to find our profiles… and I believe some very useful suggestions have been posted.