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Drop box is legal?


hi i have to upload some files which are of big size about 90mb each problem is when i upload work in fiverr it stops after being uploaded for half the progress bar doesn’t move and i’m not able to upload any work…my question is can i use dropbox? is it legal to use drop box and to give drop box links in fiverr? thanks in advance for your help


I think it’s leagal. I use Google Drive regularly to deliver my work.


I use dropbox like many on fiverr do to upload files. It’s allowed. Yes you can give links.


Yes, You could use dropbox, google drive, one drive etc. but keep mind that don’t provide any personal information via these. fiverr don’t allow to provide your personal information to the client.


drop box is legal. Also google drive is legal.


thanks a lot all of you guys thanks very much


Hey! I Have A Question. Suppose I deliver through DropBox. And after the delivery The Buyer Cancels The Order. So he has the file, Isnt It??


Yes, but the same would be true if you delivered via the Fiverr order page.


I thought a Watermark comes up On the File Unless He marks it complete?
So does that mean Everytime A Buyer Asks For Revisions, He has all the pre-files??
In case of Logo Designing that would mean several Logos at One Price(if he constantly asks for revisions)
Did you Get me?


Images are indeed watermarked, but I believe it is only images at the moment.

If the buyer cancels after delivery, then yes, they will have all the unwatermarked files.


A Question

I have 0 Revisions Selected For My Gigs. Why are still Buyers able to make unlimited Modification Requests? Is there any way to simply Deny?


Despite setting 0 revisions, yes, buyers can ask for modifications after delivery.


And Thats Unlimited Right?


Technically, yes, but if it were getting to the stage where numerous modifications were being requested, it would be better for both the buyer and seller if the order were cancelled.