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Drop box or google drive?

Can I send large files to buyer via google drive or is it just have to be dropbox? I know there are similar posts. But I couldn’t find an answer about if its ok to use google drive or not! I’m just confused about this. And also how to send buyer the link! when I’m not allowed to send any url through message!!

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DropBox is recommended by most of discussion carried out here on forum…

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I have had authorization from CS to use google drive. It’s a very easy process. You just upload your work and send a shareable link to your client. I’m not sure if authorization from CS is required prior to doing this. If you need to make a delivery quickly, however, just send the work via a sharable link and message CS to say what you have done, why, and you hope that doing so is ok. This way, you are being fully transparent.


What do you think about this idea ?!

Can’t help I’m afraid. I’ve never had a problem sending files via Google Drive without attaching anything to a delivery. I have, however, been authorized to do this via CS.

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This detailed comparison of Dropbox, Google Chrome and OneDrive might be of help. It looks at all the features and compares each ones’ strengths and weaknesses.

TL;DR - Go with Dropbox. It’s the best all-round!

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you can used dropbox.
I use it!
good luck

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I personally use OneDrive but I have seen most people recommending Dropbox everywhere.

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Use Dropbox .Easy Download & Share

you can use Google Drive.