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Drop down my sell

Hi all i didn’t realize that my sell fall, i didn’t understand how its happened, i just cancel some of order that i can"t do, Now what should i do? can anyone give me suggestion.

I feel like I keep saying this, but put a line on your gig asking people to send you a message before ordering and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Aside from that, here’s why I wouldn’t purchase from you. To start off with you need to work on your profile, it’s simple things such as your use of “u” instead of “you” that would make me think you’re lazy. Even if this isn’t the case, it’s something that people think about.

I agree with @philtabest, plus the negative rating are going to be hard to overcome. Fiverr is not just easy money.

Why can’t you do some of the orders, why did you have to cancel some?

Your gigs says 8 days delivery so that seems like enough time. Or were these buyers you canceled not a good fit for the target market you advertise to?

Also, people have written about how Fiverr has been cracking down on gigs that promise to buy people likes on facebook and twitter and things like that where it’s not allowed on those websites, and are fake likes and stuff.

Quick question, when you cancelled the order, did you give him a refund? He claims that you didn’t on the review! If you have, then that review is incorrect and should be removed.

Also, I heard someone mention a few days ago that the sellers response to a review can be more valuable than the buyers. A good example would be to write " I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience, please send me a message with your concerns and desired modifications and I’ll put it right.

People understand that reviews won’t always be positive, but if you handle them positively then you can sometimes turn it around for yourself.

Reply to @philtabest: I agree. I always notice if there is something that is negative, but the seller is very professional about it, it says something about the integrity and professionalism of the seller. As buyers we know there are a ton of people who order stuff who may not give good instructions or not order what they really need, etc.

Reply to @philtabest: thanks for your reply, problem is i had a tour that time and didn’t open my account, when i returned on fiverr and watched that negative i could not found refund option,