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Drop in Impressions and Clicks

Is it me only whose gig impressions and clicks are dropped? Anyone else also facing this issue?


Everyone has this issue, more specifically the older sellers that got pushed in the back while new sellers receive the spotlight. And it’s mostly due to Covid and a huge influx of new sellers. Plus, it’s summer and there are less buyers anyway.


yess i face this problem… how to solved this? i am new seller

Me also facing this issue form last one month


how to solved it do you know?

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No i don’t why this is happening

same face this problem

No idea how to fix this. I am afraid, If this continues, coming month will be really tough for me :frowning:

@pratyakshsomani, More or less everyone faces this problem. But no need to be worried. Just try to be active as much as possible and send the buyer requests regularly and do some your gigs marketing but not exaggerate. Hope to get good result. :heart_eyes: :heart: :cowboy_hat_face:

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same my gigs impression.i decreases. why this ?

I face this Problem and now try to give online here more time and its improved.


Thanks man! I hope the same for everyone…This too shall pass.

its auto improve when you online here?

Yes I also faceing this issue

Hi now we are a family of Fiverr.If you face any problem to share each other.We can solve problem for each other. Now we live in a Family. Thanks for all menber.

Thanks a lot brother for welcoming me to the family.
I wish success for everyone. I just hope that this bad time will pass away soon.