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Drop In sale

Hi everyone! since the start of June I’m experiencing a big drop on sales. Is this “normal”? This is affecting my search ratings as well,
If you have more experience than me, wanna share some advices and tips? Is normal having a sales drop on summer? How do you deal with it, and how do you avoid the search ratings drop?
Thank you!

I also facing this problem since the last update. sales drop…

Yeah, I know they put us in an “exposure rotation” and I’ve gotten used to that, but it’s been really bad.

My orders tend to be larger ones, so I have naturally low order numbers with higher ammounts.
March - I was on fire! ~55 orders. Made an actual acceptable living wage that month.
April - Taper back, was about average. ~40 orders
May - tapered back a little more, still ok. ~40 orders
June - 4 orders all month so far (As I write this on the 11th) WTH?

I’m sitting here wondering how I’m going to pay the bills this month. :frowning:

I’m also only 4 order in june untill now.

I have a drop in sales from May 01 . That’s bad for me.

first time since i joined fiverr no sale in last 15 days on my best gig. :frowning:

May - 1 sale. June - 10 sales. Now I don’t get any order in about 4 days.

1 sale in 2 weeks. That’s the worst I ever did on Fiver since i started as a seller. Hope things will get better …:frowning:

i’m getting back my sales. just little modification in gig tags description and title.

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