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Drop in sales after promotion?

I’ve noticed that after i got promoted to level 2, my sales dropped. I used to get around 3-4 order on daily basis and after the promotion the leads coming through messages have also dropped. Now i get like 1 sales in 2 days. Has anyone else also faced something like this? Not sure why this actually happened. I did suspend all my gigs 3 days after getting promoted because i went camping for 2 days. Can it be a reason ?

Well I mention this a couple days ago on here. My sales are null and void pretty much and I just became a level two also :frowning:

Same here! I’m trying to actively promote my gigs but its tough!

In my experience this is VERY typical. I experienced drops in sales when I got to Level 1 and again to Level 2. Be patient. This too shall pass. Take time to change your video, or keywords on your gig. Perhaps consider making a separate gig to get yourself some new attention. This worked for me. When my regular voiceover gig started getting less sales, I started a answering machine gig and noticed I was making more money.

Posting here regularly, in my opinion, also helps.

Good luck! You’ve already come this far!


Personally, I think presenting people by “collection” is a system asking to be scammed and manipulated. Maybe you just need to get collected more as I see you are in few collections. Mind you, I am new to fiverr, practically by hours, but I am an old timer to this business. My first time in the forum and right off I notice nearly Half of the posts are becoming “collect me and I’ll collect you”. But I am sure fiverr is seeing this and will act on it soon.

I refuse to go that route and will earn what I need without begging or will leave it as secondary.

There is one strong methodology in Internet Marketing, perhaps marketing in general, never put all of your eggs into one basket…

You’ll do fine… just keep pushing.


I noticed drop on mine too after winning level two. I am still trying to figure out what the problem could be.Guess I have to be patient and work harder if I have to. I concur that this platform is transparent.