Drop in sales


Hey Fellow Fivvers. Ive been on Fiverr for about 2 weeks now. I started off strong and got in a few decent sales in, but in the last 2 days I have seen a massive drop off in sales and even in people contacting me. Any advice form the pros out there?


Things will pick up, it’s been Christmas and New Year people will be buying again soon as they return to their work etc .

Hold tight


Things have been more quiet for me over the Christmas and New Year period too. I’m just being patient :slight_smile: Everyone will be back at work soon.


I know what you mean… The holidays tend to see a drop off in sales for many folks. In fact, I’m finally seeing an uptick in my sales after a lull of nearly two weeks. Be patient. Good luck!


Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks for the feedback -appreciate it


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I also experience a drop in sales due to the season. Let see what January holds for us.


I’ve also seen this drop in recent sales. Hopefully it picks back up :slight_smile:


Its due to end of an year. Christmas and new year holidays

Now its picking it up and I have got some orders. Hopefully it will work for you also



Reply to @adi_6294: I know, for sure, it’s picking back up. I have had 10 new orders in the last day. And, now I have to increase my delivery days because most of my orders are for bulk… additional word count past the 600 I offer and more than one article needing to be done.

It’s good to be busy again :slight_smile:


Yes, there is a drop in sales, in fact I am currently having no sales at all since last 4-5 days.


Yup. Drop in sales. Affirmative. :frowning:


me too