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Drop in search result position after change


I have a gig which was showing in top page of search results for some time until a few days ago when I added another image to the listing. It dropped to around 3rd page of results straight away and has never climbed…
All I have done is add the image, no bad reviews, nothing else has changed.
I read another similar post that said to wait to see if it climbs the results again but that doesn’t appear to be happening.

This happened to anyone else, can it be avoided?


Not totally sure about this, but I think Fiverr makes Gig “dropping” and “topping” from time to time in a pretty casual manner. :slight_smile: This because so all Gigs can top at least for a while and getting sales. But, I repeat, I’m not sure about it, just my supposition.


Sorry this happened to you! I’m surprised. It wouldn’t hurt to ask customer support about this although it may not help. Have you tried removing the additional image?
I can imagine how frustrating that must be for you.


i think you have said most of it. Fiverr has a way or shifting things around from time to time. though this is not the total determinant, asides having good reviews and doing what they love.