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Dropbox link allow in delivery massage?

I have a question please let me know link allow in delivery message/report?


response please…

They are allowed only if you also attach your work in the delivery box.

If you deliver with no attachment of your work but just a dropbox link, that is not allowed since it can be considered a way of circumventing Fiverr’s verification system in case of disputes (the only times it is allowed to send dropbox links without attachments in the delivery message is when Fiverr has technical issues and the upload process doesn’t work)

So if you want to send a dropbox link with your work (please avoid sending anything else via dropbox except your delivered work - no contact info please, and no spam), then you also have to attach that work in the delivery message as well to prevent getting a warning from Fiverr for sending an empty delivery.


You should use a file to provide that it requires


I have used Dropbox file links, even without an attachment, because I have had a couple instances where the upload attachment would just keep timing out and timing out. Dropbox delivered just fine!


Yeah you can use Drop box link in chat

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If you aren’t sure what to do, contact and ask them for their recommendation. Normally they want you to use the Fiverr upload method if you can, but sometimes you need to deliver a file that is too large. They typically recommend the use of Dropbox to delivery large files, but they expect you to also send proof through the Fiverr delivery system. You could use screen shots of your dropbox upload possibly, it really depends on the type of delivery.

If you can figure out a way to send proof you should be fine, but otherwise rely on an answer from Customer Support, not from the forum.


Ok Thank_You Dear…

I prefer not to be called Dear, in the USA that a term reserved for people you know very well, often people who are younger than you are. I would suggest that you avoid using terms like Dear and Sir with buyers if you want to be taken seriously in a global marketplace, but it is entirely up to you. Good luck!


This is a very good guide, Thank you

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So, Good Luck! …

Incorrect. I deliver through wetransfer a lot, and I just send a message with no files through Fiverr. No problems at all. It’s not my fault that the size limit through Fiverr is a ridiculous 150 mb.

What you said makes 0 sense anyway, if you could upload your work through fiverr, why even send a dropbox link at all? wtf?

Also, people, (buyers and sellers), PLEASE STOP USING DROPBOX. It sucks. Thanks.

Mod Note: This is contrary to advice given by Customer Support in the past. Use this advice at your own risk.

EDIT - Why did you cross out the part that was not against any customer support advice? Fiverr never encouraged to use dropbox :S

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Here’s what support says:

Perhaps you should ask CS if they have any more specific advice?


I don’t want to start a debate on this with you, although I don’t know what I did for talking to me like that :confused:

If you don’t like my opinion and reply, I totally respect that, each has their own right to an opinion. But I also expect a respectful reply and communication if you do reply to my posts.

A seller must deliver their files via Fiverr’s platform rather than external cloud platforms (e.g. Dropbox).

Did you read what Fiverr’s Terms say about deliveries?

Sellers must deliver completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Work button

You admitted delivering empty, and I’ve seen a lot of sellers on the forum complaining that they’ve received a warning from Fiverr for delivering with no attached files.


Well, in my case I have to deliver both files & google-drive links, because I deliver Zip archives with lots of files and many clients ask me to also send a dropbox/drive link for them to open the files on their mobile phones due to not having support for opening the zip archives on their mobile devices.

So there you have it, a perfectly valid reason for sending both a cloud link and attach files :slight_smile:

You see? Each case is a case. Maybe you need to do that. Maybe I need to deliver blank. Regardless of what the TOS say. I’m not ripping off Fiverr in any way, so my conscience is clear.

Dropbox absolutely sucks, though, why don’t you send it directly to the client with filemail / wetransfer / equivalent? I would definitely charge more for that service, you would have to pay me for me to deal with those cloud services, ugh.

I stopped using it a long time ago because it does suck. I rather use GoogleDrive as it’s fast and I’ve already given all info about me to Google :smiley:

I imagine a lot of those people who wake up to see their account restricted or removed “for no reason” had the same belief that common sense should be used instead of following the rules. I agree with you in principle but not in practice - it takes one buyer to be nasty for whatever reason and suddenly you have a major problem and no defense to when CS say you didn’t follow the rules.

PS. I would have liked if you had said “bahbahbah” instead of “blablabla”, would have been a nice touch.


Man, google drive is even worse. Just got an order for a video, the client decided (because of course he did) to send me a google drive link. So, first of all, I don’t have access to is. Need to ask for it. Wasting time.
Then I access it, try to download all the files at once… Google drive starts compressing the folder (WHY?) and then checks for citrus (WHY?) and finally, after an hour, it starts downloading. The download ends, I extract it, and it only downloaded ONE FILE out of the hundreds of files in that folder.

Google drive is hell on earth for file transfers.

That mentality reeks of totalitarianism. If the buyer is nasty, then THE BUYER is nasty. Screw that buyer - that should be the CS position. If I did my work, and did it correctly and on time, and delivered by any means available to me (again, it’s Fiverr’s fault their filesize limit is a ridiculous 150mb).

Wanna fix this whole thing? Remove the file size limit. But that’s not going to happen, is it? We both know it will not. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Fiverr wants to save on server costs by limiting uploads? So allow us to upload however we want. Simple.