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Dropbox's new automatic updates for Mac


I use dropbox to sync Fiverr files across my Mac and my Windows laptop, only now they’ve added an automatic dropbox update to the Mac that you can only turn off by uninstalling dropbox.

I pay $10 for every GB in my little rural spot, and it’s only 3G internet at that. It means I use on average, 6 to 7GB a month. I have every single automatic software update turned off on every device I own and when I go into town I trawl around the free wifi cafes and shops to use my measly 250MB a day allowance in each place to do what updates I can.

I hate automatic updates with a vengeance.

So it seems I’m going to have to stop using dropbox; not that dropbox will care. I’m in that 3% of most populations that this feature will annoy, so as long as 97% of users are happy why would they be bothered.


I also hate automatic updates because they usually restart my computer when I am least expecting it and have lots of unsaved work!!! Sigh! I also put off Android updates for as long as I possibly can because they try to update something and then end up breaking it!

Gosh $10 for a GB of internet!!! That’s hectic. I’m from Mozambique, we pay $7 for 6GB of internet. (That’s mobile internet by the way) - If I get a fiber optic connection the prices is even lower.

Why don’t you rather use Google Drive? I personally find it so much easier than DropBox. They provide an app that you can install on your Mac - all you have to do is drag and drop a file into the folder and the app will sync it to the web. It’s so easy to share files also, and you can send links without having to give out your email address or any other details.


$10 a GB is cheap to what it was last year :slight_smile:

I do have google drive already but only use it if I have to. I don’t like the way it’s linked to google’s apps, and the version control isn’t as good as dropbox. I’ll play with it more. I’m frustrated that I’ll eventually have to transfer almost 8GB of files though.