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Dropp the level


Today I recived this message :

We have removed the Level Two badge from your account, along with the benefits that came with it. If you have more than 10 Gigs, your most recent Gigs will be auto-paused within 48 hours, to meet the original account limitation of 10 Gigs. We recommend that you choose which Gigs you would like to suspend before the system does it automatically.
Our levels are based on performance.

Can you help me why this happen?


If they haven’t specified in that or another email and your level drop wasn’t because of the normal evaulations (eg. which would have been around the 15th) you could contact CS for the reason.


I have only 6 gigs. .


Here is my link


It does say “If you have more than 10 gigs”


I have only 6 gigs


You have less than 10 gigs so that is ok.


In 15 february I went level two. Now after 13 days I went back level one :frowning:


Did you contact CS to find out why?


Yes , but I dont have response yet


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Only Customer Support can tell you why this happened. You will have to wait for the answer.

Meanwhile your gigs are as they were so just carry on.


I have finished more than 112 order for 8 months and I am so unhappy now


There are high chances that you violated something, but Fiverr usually sends information about such a violation. Haven’t you received anything else?

You can check warnings here:
Click “My Seller account” => “Why did I receive a warning?”

The reason of your demotion can be found here:
Click “My Seller account” => “Inquiries about Fiverr’s level system” => “Why was I demoted?”


Thank you

The client has send request to change the review.

This was the reason :frowning:


Never ask buyers to change reviews, you’re lucky for not getting a warning!!


Oh, it’s sad, but recently it became one of the most popular reasons for warning.