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Dropped #s (Not just impressions) / Seller Success Program?

Hey guys!

Been selling on Fiverr for about 6 months now and it’s been a wild and wonderful ride! I should hit my 500th order in the next week and about half of my income is now through the site, which has been unexpected and fantastic.

About 5-6 days ago, my impressions/sales PLUMMETED (by 8K). I know lower impressions don’t necessarily mean lower sales, but it 100% has in my case. I was averaging between 5-10 orders a day, and now I’m lucky if I get 1 or 2. As I’ve been devoting more time (and depending more heavily) on the fiverr income, this has gotten scary really quickly! I had a glitch on my number orders about that time (6 days ago) and a wonderful customer service representative quickly took care of it by placing a “refresh” on my account. I followed up with him just to double check that the refresh didn’t correlate to the dropped impressions/wiped SEO or something and he assured me it didn’t.

A) I’ve cleaned up the gig that’s my main seller to hopefully improve SEO. But any ideas as to why the catastrophic drop? Any other ideas to get back in the game?

B) The customer service representative recommended I get in touch with my Seller Success Manager, who (outside of an initial email intro and friending me on Skype) has COMPLETELY ghosted. I’ve tried to respond both through mail and skype (over the past several months, mind you) to ask some questions, and never hear back from him.

I have LOVED my time with this platform but I am scared/frustrated/worried by all of this. Help?

Dear Genke:

How do you prefer to be addressed?

My take on this is that your drop in sales is most likely related to the fact that it’s August.

If you listen to Fiverrcast, they have numerous discussions about how some times of year are busier than others. It can vary depending on the type of gigs you offer.

I’d suggest that you keep an eye on your metrics on a month-by-month basis, so that you’ll be better able to plan for the dips and peaks in your sales cycle.

In the interim, you might turn more to Buyer Requests to try to pick up the slack.

You could also add some seasonal voiceover gigs and some fun and bizarre voiceovers, maybe even do video gigs where you sing happy birthday or whatever – find ways to put your gigs in additional appropriate categories to increase your impressions. People are starting to plan for Christmas marketing – build a gig to appeal to those Buyers.

Maybe you can create some entirely new gigs based on your other skills. You can turn to these gigs when the voiceover work is slow, then pause them when your V.O. orders pick up.

Bottom line: I don’t think you need to be TOO worried at the moment (don’t lose sleep over it). You seem to be on the case, so I’m confident you’ll find a solution.

Good luck,

Dear Genke:

I took a quick look at your profile and your top gig.

You have your game together, so it would be a waste of your time for me to go through your stuff line by line, but here are some basic impressions:

*Your log line: In my humble opinion (IMHO), this is too generic. I don’t have specific suggestions.

*Your description: “300+ 5 star orders” does not match the 297 reviews Fiverr shows you have. Yeah, I know, this is a minor detail which should resolve itself soon.

*Your video: There are so many Fiverrs who use non-legit pictures. When I was watching your video, I was wondering why you have 1 still image, and whether your profile picture is actually a picture of you. In your case, I strongly recommend that you add at least 5 to 10 seconds of motion video where you speak directly to the Buyer. At the very least, add more slides!

*Your gig images: You have 1. You should have 3.

*Your live portfolio. You don’t have one. Maybe Fiverr doesn’t support audio for your live portfolio, but perhaps you could start sending an image with each delivery, so that your reviews can start showing up here.

I’m thinking a note from you thanking your Buyer over a fun photo of whatever.

I don’t know enough about how the voiceovers category works on Fiverr to know that’s feasible, but I’d suggest you brainstorm some ideas there. If Fiverr doesn’t currently support this, you’d might want to ask Fiverr Support to add that functionality.

That’s all I have to offer.

Good luck,