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Dropped TWO whole Levels over 2 missed responses!

So i have officially now dropped TWO levels in one month for 2 messages later than 24hrs. Literally they take a level off you for each message. How is this fair?? Sure take some points but a whole level?? I have perfect scores in every other area and i worked hard for a year to get my level 2 (back in the old way they did it). Now I am offically a beginner again today because of this.

Sure i should not have let those messages go by but it was before i understood the new policy( it never used to exist or i would have dropped back on that first year!). One of these messages was a harassment message that i now know i should have reported but i am being penalized for not reporting it by dropping an entire level??

I am now going to be looking for new business elsewhere. This is the cruelest way of doing business and once again attacking sellers. I am SO SO over this company. I’ve have written so many messages that have fallen on deaf ears. This is the worst company i have ever done business with and i will be making sure my freelance community knows to choose better online options.


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