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Dropping Impression after First Warning

Hi, I have a general question about a situation, did you guys experienced the same drop in impressions after receiving a ToS violation warning?
I got drop from 2K in 7 days to 300 in 7 days.


This is no coincidence.

The Fiverr algorithm, which dictates where gigs appear in search results, takes into account many factors - including historic gig performance, feedback and any warnings. No one, apart from Fiverr, knows for sure though how the algorithm works.

This is why it is important for sellers to read and understand Fiverr’s terms of service and community standards:

Far too many sellers come to the forum saying they’ve received a warning, and either haven’t read the above documents, or don’t understand them - or just lie and say they’ve read them when they clearly haven’t.

Quote of the day: Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.